Startup Solutions:
New Foundations Charter School

Back in 1999, when veteran educator Paul Stadelberger began to explore the possibility of creating a charter school, few people – even in educational cirles – understood much about charters. “We went to Jerry Santilli. who knew the ‘ins and outs’ of the entire process,” says Stadelberger. “I’ve been following his advice ever since.”

“We went to Jerry Santilli…
I’ve been following his advice ever since”

Santilli guided the leadership of New Foundations Charter School through everything from the often daunting charter application, to setting up salary scales for teachers, to overseeing budgeting and all aspects of financial management.

“In 2002 Jerry helped us make a difficult business case to the banks that allowed us to purchase landĀ  for ourĀ  new building. More recently, Mike Thomson played a critical role in advising and guiding us as we built our 21,000-square-foot middle school addition in 2008. And Mike and the whole S&T team prepared us so well for our recent renewal that we were renewed with accolades.”

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